Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Super Dangerous Trap and More

A mix of apps and games for you.

Speed View GPS Pro

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Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free and on Sale at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

Features included
- Save your track info.
- Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer.
- mph,knot and km/h mode.
- Map integration,get your location.
- 16 color styles.

Download Speed View GPS Pro

Klaxon Alarm & Siren ( Panic Alarm)

Finally, a mobile Klaxon siren! Now you will never have to worry about your friends and family being unprepared for an incoming bombing raid again, because you will be able to warn them right from your device! Impress your friends! Win the respect of your family! Secure that job promotion! Get the girl! All is possible when you download Klaxon Siren!

Klaxon Siren is a free and epic soundboard app featuring many high quality stereo sound effects. Includes Klaxon siren sounds from around the world!

Download Klaxon Alarm & Siren ( Panic Alarm)

Death Clock Pro

The Death Clock Pro is a fun and life changing app. It's easy to use, plus you can, after estimating the date of your death, share and laugh with your friends! It also shows daily life quotes that will remind you to do great work before life end. You will be asked questions about your lifestyle and according to your answers will be calculated the date of your death and time remaining.

Download Death Clock Pro

Super Dangerous Trap

- HD resolution;
- 3 languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish;
- Complete story mode with 16 levels;
- Hard mode;
- Boss mode;
- 4 playable characters;
- High quality graphics;
- More than 56 different phases;
- Phases with different difficulties;
- Random system of phases;
- Upload every week with new phases;
- Several PowerUp;
- 3 Bosses;
- Over 23 different enemies.

Download Super Dangerous Trap

Jungle Collapse 2 PRO

How to play:

Move your finger over at least 3 blocks of the same kind horizontally, vertically or diagonally to remove them! Remember, longer chains you create, better score you get! Collect extra bonuses on your way and go for highscores!

Game modes:

* Classic - destroy the stated number of blocks to progress to the next level before the end of the time limit.
* Puzzle - for every chain with at least 5/6 blocks you get the new blocks to play with, otherwise they will be removed.
* Time Attack - you have 90 seconds to get the best score possible.

Download Jungle Collapse 2 PRO

Word Flood PRO


* Original word search game for all ages
* Over 170K English words included
* Submit and share your score
* 3 difficulties to choose from
* Improve your English spelling skills and vocabulary in entertaining way
* A word search game that will force your brain to think fast
* No ads, no In-App purchases
* Change background of the game
* Pause the game

Download Word Flood PRO

TD: Goblin Defenders - Towers Rush PRO

- Enemies are coming from every from every directions! Rush your troops to battle like you never did!
- Dozens of unique creatures to compete and destroy: orcs, trolls, wizards, spiders, ghosts and many more!
- Three levels of of dificulty. Make your way to victory as easy as you want. Chill out in easy casual game or play the ultimate hardcore epic strategy. It's up to you!
- 7 unique towers with 3 levels each! Upgrade and destroy!
- 10 amazing maps and landscapes. Your kingdome is really beautifull! Defend it against your enemies!
- Unique Music on every zone (musician and composer Nikita Barey)
- Bonus levels, secret upgrades, survival mode and many more!

Download TD: Goblin Defenders - Towers Rush PRO

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