Thermaltake’s DistroCase 350P Mid-Tower Chassis is Designed With Water-Cooling in Mind!


Thermaltake's DistroCase 350P Mid-Tower Chassis offers fantastic features; these features include being designed with water-cooling in mind. This is shown by an entire side of the case being a distribution plate designed with water-cooling. This distribution plate features water channels, reservoir, and multiple water inlets and outlets, making this case perfect for the water-cooling enthusiasts.

Thermaltake's DistroCase 350P Mid-Tower PC case is designed with water-cooling enthusiasts in mind, and This is shown by the RGB lighting and a whole side of the case featuring a distribution plate.

The Distribution plate that is included in the DistroCase 350P PC case includes a pump, a distribution plate, and even a tempered glass side panel. The body of this case is created using SPCC & PMMA, and the included pump is a D5 pump allowing coolant to run seamlessly through your liquid cooling loop.

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Thermaltake's Distribution plate also features a total of 48 LEDs, this allows for fantastic LED effects to be driven by Thermaltake's RGB PLUS ecosystem and can be completely synced using with virtually any motherboard that features a 5-volt addressable RGB header, This allows users to efficiently and easily control the RGB lights which are places all around the distribution plate.

These RGB LEDs are supported by Thermaltake's NeonMaker Lighting software, which allows for greater control over the RGB lighting of the case. The NeonMaker Lighting software also provides fantastic pre-set lighting effects, while still allowing players to control every LED light easily.

In addition, the distribution plate which serves as a side to the case, this car also features a tempered glass side panel on the opposite side. These two features make this case nearly see-through no matter the angle making it perfect for any PC gamer that wants to show off his fantastic gaming components without the hassle of having to open his case. The tempered glass side panel features a thickness of 5 mm, and This tempered glass also meets the highest standard in the industry.

This chassis features two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, which allow for ease of access whenever needed. This chassis will be available for purchase in Q2 2020 and is backed by a three-year warranty and supported by the Thermaltake worldwide customer service and technical support network.