The Medium 1.02 Patch Comparison Highlights Improved Load Times and Lower Average Resolution on PlayStation 5

The Medium

The The Medium 1.02 patch introduces ray traced reflections on PlayStation 5 but at the cost of a lower average resolution.

A new comparison video shared by ElAnalistaDeBits confirms that the latest update released for the horror game by Bloober Team also improved load times on the console. Unfortunately, performance issues haven't been fixed yet, despite the developer confirming that performance was indeed improved on PlayStation 5 with the 1.02 update.

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- With the new patch, The Medium on PS5 adds ray-tracing on reflections to the same materials as Series X, but not ambient occlusion.
- Average resolution has dropped on PS5. Now PS5 / SeriesX have a very close resolution, but PS5 still has some advantage.
Loading times have improved on PS5, but are still faster on Xbox.- Xbox versions have not changed their performance / quality with the latest patch.
- PS5 continues to have stuttering problems in its framerate.

The Medium is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S worldwide. Learn more about the latest horror game developed by Polish developer Bloober Team by checking out Kai's review of the Xbox Series X version.

The Medium is a good return to form for the survival horror genre that's split in such wild directions, from the first person Allison Road/P.T. at one end and the creature sneakers that either overload the player with firepower or strip it all away to force them to hide from a greater threat. The Medium takes a different path altogether, instead trying to invoke the split realities of Silent Hill and rely on those feelings of longing and desire for something new from Team Silent. While Bloober Team misses that crucial spark that made the Silent Hill titles so brilliant in the first place, their first draft of horror should spook and delight fans of the genre.

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