Silent Hill 2 Remake in Production Since 2019; Game is Currently in Late-Stage Production

Ule Lopez
Silent Hill 2 remake Bloober Team Konami

Bloober Team's President has revealed a few important details regarding the development of the Silent Hill 2 remake that was announced recently during Konami's latest broadcast. Some interesting tidbits of information came from this, such as the fact that the game was developed back in 2019 and the company behind the funding of this project.

This was revealed by Bloober Team President Piotr Babeno during GPW Innovation day. There, the executive revealed several facts about the development of the remake. The most noteworthy of these is the fact that the game has been in development for three years and has recently reached the late stage of development. Currently, the team is working on polishing various elements.

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The timing certainly is important as Konami announced during that time that console gaming was still an important asset to them. It also wouldn't be surprising if this were the game that was supposed to be released in 2021 but was internally delayed with no fanfare due to COVID-19 concerns.

Speaking of which, Babeno also stressed that the game's release date largely depends on Konami. While nothing regarding a release date has been made known yet, Babeno believes that the Japanese company will share some information regarding the subject soon.

Bloober Team's President also revealed that the Silent Hill 2 remake's budget was entirely covered by Konami itself. Probably as part of the partnership that the two studios have entered. Additionally, he revealed that the Krakow team is already receiving funds for completing various key milestones. If successful, under the contract, they will also start earning extra money from the game. The team expects the Silent Hill 2 remake to sell "at least several million units."

A release date for Silent Hill 2 has yet to be revealed. Built with Unreal Engine 5, the remake is coming to both PC and PlayStation 5. The game will be a timed-exclusive release, as revealed by the game's trailer. If you're wondering how different the remake will be, we recently covered a comparison between the original and the remake.

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