System Shock 3 Drops Its First Grim and Gruesome Gameplay Trailer

Nathan Birch
System Shock 3

It can be hard to keep track of everything going on with the System Shock franchise right now. Nightdive Studios is doing a full remake of the original System Shock and a remastered version of System Shock 2, while OtherSide Entertainment is working on System Shock 3 with the full involvement of original series producer Warren Spector. It’s the latter project we’re talking about today, as OtherSide has released first pre-alpha footage of System Shock 3 – check it out, below.

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Looking pretty good, considering System Shock 3 game is an indie game without a full triple-A budget. It doesn’t seem like the game is going to break any new technical ground, but it does look like it will deliver the proper creepy, gruesome atmosphere, and it’s good to hear Terri Brosius back as SHODAN. It also looks like the shooting and action has been amped up a bit. Obviously, this game has big shoes to fill, but I’m relatively optimistic at this point.

Need to know more about System Shock 3? You can check out Wccftech’s full interview with Warren Spector, who hinted at what we can expect from the game…

[System Shock 3] won’t require prior knowledge of the earlier System Shock games, because we want to grow the audience beyond just the core fans. But if you are a fan of the original games, there’ll be some things in there that I think you’ll find appealing. There were some survivors in the first two games that we don’t talk about too much. So maybe we’ll learn what happened to them. SHODAN is coming back, of course, but this time we’re going to kind of make her a complete character, with believable motivations. And you’ll see her change and grow over time in logical ways.

Citadel Station is going to come back from the first game, except maybe not in the way people expect. We’re going to continue to try to capture the vibe, the combination of the shooter with light role-playing and survival horror, and stick with that. Going to tell a story in that traditional System Shock way where there are no living characters, and you have to piece what happened and what you need to do together from video logs and emails and messages from some folks off-site, just like the original.

System Shock 3 is being developed for PC. A release date, or any information about console ports, has yet to be announced.

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