Surviving the Aftermath Releases On Early Access Today (Epic Games Store and Xbox One)


Surviving the Aftermath, the next installment in the Surviving franchise (Surviving Mars) will enter early access later on today on Epic Games store and Xbox One as announced today at Paradox's annual PDXCon in Berlin (where the game is available on the show floor). During the early access period, customers will enjoy a so-called 'early bird discount' that brings the game's price down to $19.99 / £15.49 / €19.99.

Announced earlier in October, the game will be a survival colony management game that will have players building a community after an apocalyptic event wiped out most of civilisation. The game will feature many of the features from Surviving, including rolling disasters, but will be based here on Earth instead.

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Surviving the Aftermath is being developed by Iceflake Studios, not the creators of Surviving Mars, Haemimont Games. This is because, according to Paradox, Iceflake was actually working on the game before Surviving Mars released, and the published thought it was best to get bring it under the same brand.

Nikhat Ali, Lead Producer on Surviving the Aftermath at Paradox Interactive, stated:

Throughout Surviving Mars’ development we learned the importance of listening to our
community and their feedback helped elevate that game to new heights. With Surviving the Aftermath we want to get our players involved as early as possible so we can make sure we’re making the game they want to play. We have an ambitious content schedule ahead of us that includes monthly updates where we will incorporate feedback from our players and we’re confident the team at Iceflake is the right team for the job.

Lasse Liljedahl, CEO and Lead Designer at Iceflake Studios, added:

Surviving the Aftermath is the game we’ve always wanted to make. When we pitched our plan to Paradox, they recognized our passion and commitment to making this game the best survival colony builder it can be. We’re beyond thrilled to finally share our dream project with the world and to have the support of one of the industry’s leading publishers.

Iceflake also announced that the game would be coming to Steam and PlayStation 4 when the game has survived its early access journey in late 2020.