Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay Looks Identical to the Trailer, Game Features Playable Women Stormtroopers

Star Wars : Battlefront has been finally revealed with a gameplay trailer, and it looks absolutely stunning. The look and feel of the original Star Wars trilogy is captured perfectly, and the developers went out of their way to emphasize that what we saw is how the game actually looks like. Most reserve judgement for when actual gameplay is demonstrated without scripted events something that will be entirely representative of our own experience with the game.

A select few who were present at the event in Anaheim have been able to check out gameplay behind closed doors. BattlefrontUpdates, a YouTube channel dedicated to the game, was present at the Star Wars Celebration event, and reported of watching actual Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay. He explains that he noticed no difference between the trailer and gameplay.

The game also changes between 1st and 3rd person perspectives seamlessly and ADS (aiming down sights) is in the game.

In response to a fan asking whether Jedi gameplay was featured during the gameplay session, he replies that there wasn't, although they did watch Darth Vader force choke another player.

Star Wars: Battlefront will feature four planets at the time of release, which include, Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and Sollust. The Battle of Jakku DLC will add a the planet of Jakku later on December 8th 2015, or on December 1st for those who preorder the game. The free DLC releases a few days prior to the release of Star Wars: The force Awakens, which opens in theaters on December 18 2015.

According to Polygon, Star Wars: Battlefront will also feature playable women Stormtroopers.

When I asked DICE general manager Patrick Bach about women Stormtroopers appearing in Battlefront, he said, "Why wouldn't there be?"

"When you talk to Lucasfilm, they're like, 'Yeah, of course there are. We just haven't shown you [in the films],'" he said. 'For us, it's about filling in the details in the universe. We help out by asking the question, 'Can we do this, can we do that? Should we do this or do that?' And then we work it out [with Lucasfilm]."

Wookiepedia, describes the inclusion of women soldiers in the Empire as follows

Service in the Stormtrooper Corps was open to both Human men and women, but female stormtroopers were an extremely rare sight under Palpatine's reign and on average there were never more than three female stormtroopers within a whole legion. In spite of this disparity, some female troopers served in elite units, such as the Coruscant Guard.

Female Stormtroopers underwent the same hard training as their male counterparts. Only the best of the best recruits were selected for the stormtrooper corps. Once accepted into the stormtrooper corps, every trooper was treated as an equal. There were no differences between males and females. They even shared the same barracks. Wearing the exact same white stormtrooper armor, one could not distinguish between a male or female Stormtrooper.

Star Wars Battlefront will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17 2015. We will bring you any new information as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check out our previous coverage for more information.



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