Star Wars: Battlefront Reveal Trailer


Fans have been looking forward to the reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront for a very long time. Since the announcement of the game at E3 2013, there has been next to nothing shared about the game. Most of all though, fans have been eager to witness some in-game footage of the game, to see what the talented team at DICE have accomplished with the gargantuan task that they have been assigned to. The wait is finally over, as EA and DICE have just revealed the first gameplay footage of Star Wars: Battlefront, and it looks absolutely incredible.

You can watch the trailer below. Please note that the trailer is not CGI but In-game,  and Yes that is how the game looks like.

An uncompressed version of the trailer is available over at Gamersyde.

Star Wars: Battlefront looks so amazingly real, so much so that it's almost unbelievable that the actual gameplay will actually look this good. Yet it has been emphasized and confirmed many times that this is how the game will look like during gameplay.

"Battlefront" will focus on frenzied shoot-outs between up to 40 players portraying Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire forces. In a demonstration of the game's multiplayer mode, a team of jetpack-equipped rebels were shown carving their way through the woodsy Endor while Stormtroopers charged at them on foot, on speeders and within walkers, including a hulking AT-AT war machine.

Star Wars: Battlefront will give players the chance to take the role of the Dark Lord himself

Other locales teased in game footage included the snowy Hoth, sandy Tatooine and gooey Sullust, a lava-spewing planet referenced in 1983's "Return of the Jedi," as well as many "Star Wars" games and novels, but rarely ever seen. "Battlefront" won't solely be centered on expendable ground troops. The game will reward sharpshooters with the ability to embody such iconic characters as bounty hunter Boba Fett and Sith baddie Darth Vader on the battlefield.

"You can storm in as the Dark Lord himself," said "Battlefront" design director Niklas Fegraeus. "You can wield a lightsaber. You can Force choke the rebel scum, which is fun. Basically, you are the boss of the battle. This means that you, as Vader, can lead your team to victory — if you play well."

The action will also take to the skies with players engaging in dogfights with TIE Fighters, X-wings and the Millennium Falcon, though the developers were coy about how battles would alternate between ground and air combat.

"We wanted it to feel authentic to this universe," said "Battlefront" executive producer Patrick Bach. "You can get into these vehicles, from speeder bikes to X-wings, TIE fighters, AT-STs, AT-ATs. There's a wide range of vehicles that we wanted to realize. The difficulty with a game is that they need to be balanced with the troops on the ground."

"Battlefront" will also include a free downloadable level available two weeks before "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opens in theaters Dec. 18. It's set on Jakku, the battle-scarred desert planet glimpsed in "Force Awakens" teasers. The expansion, dubbed "Battle of Jakku," will explore the moment following "Return of the Jedi" when the New Republic confronted Imperial holdouts on the previously unseen Outer Rim enclave.

"You never get to see it in the new movie, so it was this brilliant opportunity to recreate the Battle of Jakku, which you only see the remnants of in the movie," said Bach. "In the game, you actually get to play the Battle of Jakku. It's the same place from the new movie but 30 years earlier."

Additional Info:
-Has two player splitscreen
-It sounds like there isn't a traditional campaign and something more akin to spec-ops from CoD
-Modes vary from 8 players to 40 players
-You can toggle between first and third person
-There's flyable vehicles but no space battles
-The 7 minute demo was on PS4, and so was the trailer.


The team at DICE has gone through a journey of discovery of all Star Wars assets such props and models used in the movies, capturing every little detail with absolute accuracy, in order to maintain the look and feel of the classic films. It's quite evident that all the hard work has paid off, and we have a game and an interactive experience that captures both the atmosphere and the look of the movies, while at the same time manages to retain the classic and more solid feel of the original trilogy.

A Note from Star Wars: Battlefront Design Director Niklas Fegraeus (10 months ago)

I grew up with Star Wars, watching the classic movies over and over and collecting all the toys I could afford. Since then, like most of our team here at DICE Stockholm, I’ve never really left this fantastic universe.

A little over a year ago, we learned that we had the amazing opportunity to work on a Star Wars game. I’ll never forget the moment when this was officially unveiled at our company meeting with the entire studio present – you could literally touch and feel the excitement in the room. This is the spirit I feel from the team every day, whether we’re trying out the AT-AT on Hoth or racing speeder bikes through the forests of Endor.

Star Wars Battlefront_1

From the team at DICE

Almost 40 years ago, George Lucas invited us to a life-changing adventure. Now, we at DICE are hard at work creating the best Star Wars shooter of all time, to carry that legacy into the future with Star Wars Battlefront. We’re building the game that we as fans want to play. For us, this is just the beginning of a new adventure, and we are looking forward to showing you more in the spring of 2015.


Star Wars: Battlefront will be released on November 17 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. We will bring you any new information as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check out our previous Star Wars: Battlefront coverage as well as the latest teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens in theaters in December.

An uncompressed version of the trailer is available over at Gamersyde.