Star Citizen’s Theaters of War Mode Has Been Co-Developed by Firesprite

Theaters of War

Cloud Imperium Games publically announced that Star Citizen's Theaters of War mode has been co-developed by Dutch studio Firesprite (The Persistence) since early 2019.

As you may recall, Theaters of War, a PvP combined arms mode that is separate from the main Star Citizen experience, was first revealed in November 2019 as part of that year's CitizenCon held in Manchester, UK.

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Sean Tracy, Technical Director of Content at Cloud Imperium Games, said:

Thanks to the talented team at Firesprite, we’ve managed to work closely together to bring significant improvements to Star Citizen’s Theaters of War mode, and as a result benefit key aspects of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. I can’t wait for players to see the progress we’ve made together during future playtests.

Graeme Ankers, Managing Director at Firesprite, added:

We’re so excited to be able to convey what a privilege and a pleasure it’s been to work so closely with Cloud Imperium and develop Theaters of War from the kernel of an idea into a full-fledged experience. I want to pay tribute to our strike team here at Firesprite who have worked really hard behind the scenes in close collaboration with the talented creators at Cloud Imperium Games.

The announcement is appropriately timed, as you would expect. Further online closed community tests are scheduled to begin this coming weekend within the Evocati group of testers, with more playtests to come throughout the mode’s development. Eventually, the goal is to expand beyond the closed Evocati group to include players in the Public Test Universe.

In related Star Citizen news, the game recently crossed the astounding milestone of $350 million raised through various crowdfunding means. Just a few days ago, the developers also held an Ask Me Anything session on the topic of character tech; you can check the full recap here.

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