Star Citizen Squadron 42 Gameplay Footage Leaks, Showing Off the Game’s Single-Player Mode

Ule Lopez
Star Citizen

Ah, Star Citizen; one game can’t seem to truly fade into non-existence despite any controversies it may face. Today’s not about very expensive ships or roadmaps of roadmaps; as a matter of fact, the game’s long-awaited Squadron 42 campaign finally has some in-engine gameplay unearthed.

Star Citizen being in development hell is nothing new, but at the very least, footage that does surface from the game looks great in-engine. Either way, this footage comes from an internal review, sports client-rendered cutscenes, and showcases Squadron 42’s current status. You can watch the gameplay footage below.

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While Squadron 42 has no concretely set release date, the other sections of the game do have an alpha build released in June 2022. Anyways, everything in the video is in-engine, meaning that it’s not a pre-rendered cutscene or footage made for Cloud Imperium to use in marketing or promotions only.

Towards the end of the video, you can see some brief snippets of gameplay within one of Star Citizen’s many spaceships. The framerate looks a bit choppy (which is to be expected as it's unfinished), but the short footage looks great. However, there’s a brief detail to note in the video description. It mentions that this is “footage from last year from an internal review”.

It could very well be that the game has moved virtually nowhere in the past ten to twelve months or could have gotten lots of performance tweaks and visual upgrades. How much development progress was made exactly, we don’t know. Still, we’ll update you when more information on Star Citizen and Squadron 42 is released, including gameplay updates, release dates, and more.

Star Citizen is currently in its alpha stages on PC. Squadron 42, and subsequently, the game’s full launch date, are currently unavailable at this time.

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