Death Stranding Follow Up from Kojima and Several More PlayStation Titles Possibly Leak

Nathan Birch
Death Stranding Director's Cut

This weekend rumors began to circulate that Horizon Zero Dawn would be getting a remake or remaster for PS5, and interestingly, some of the sources reporting the info claimed a document was making the rounds which listed several other unannounced PlayStation-exclusive projects. Well, unsurprisingly, it seems that list has now leaked (you can check it out here).

It’s unclear exactly what the source of this list is, but it seems to be planning document of sorts, perhaps for Sony’s UK branch, as a lot of British-developed games are listed. One of the insiders who previously mentioned the existence of this list, Dusk Golem, has confirmed it’s real. Or, at least, they’ve confirmed this is the same list they had – of course, take all of this with a grain of salt for now. The Horizon Zero Dawn revival is included, which is listed as a remaster rather than a full remake. Horizon Forbidden West is also marked down for a PC release and post-launch DLC.

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Perhaps the biggest revelation from this list is that Kojima Productions is working on a new open-world Decima-Engine-powered game codenamed “Ocean” for the PS5. You don’t have to read between the lines all that much to speculate this is likely Death Stranding 2, with rumors to that effect spreading recently. Kojima is also making a new cloud-powered game with Xbox, but has specifically said he still has a “very good partnership” with Sony. Good enough to develop a whole new game together, apparently!

Other projects seemingly revealed or confirmed by this list include…

  • An Unreal Engine 5 survival horror game for both PC and PS5 codenamed “Heartbreak” from recently-added PlayStation Studios dev FireSprite.  This was first leaked via a job ad around six months ago.
  • A PS5 vehicular combat game from Lucid Games codenamed “Redstar.” Could this be the heavily-rumored Twisted Metal revival?
  • A PS5 open-world title from Sumo codenamed “Carbon.”
  • A PC and PS5 survival horror game from Ballistic Moon (a new studio founded by Supermassive vets) codenamed “Bates.” The existence of this project was discovered earlier this summer.
  • A PC and PS5 live-service title from London Studio codenamed “Camden.”

Again, this certainly isn’t Sony’s full lineup of upcoming games, but there’s still some interesting stuff on there. I’m rather interested in what Sumo might be cooking up. Also, kudos to that wily Kojima for successfully playing both sides of the Microsoft-Sony war.

What do you think? Do any of these potential PlayStation projects sound interesting to you?

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