Star Citizen Alpha 3.17 Brings a New Economy Expansion While Fueling Fortunes

Ule Lopez
SAtar Citizen Fueling Fortunes

The latest Star Citizen Alpha brings with it a new economic expansion. The update also adds new functionality to NPC vendors and storefronts while also adding a new hospital and the first interactive River Tech. To celebrate the release of this new expansion known as Fueling Fortunes, the development team posted a new trailer which you can see below:

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The Fueling Fortunes expansion brings new frontiers for the economic and career opportunities available to pilots with the addition of new locations to explore, and tools to support emergent gameplay. The update also adds new functionality to NPC vendors and storefronts, allowing pilots to sell unwanted inventory items for UEC when they’re done hunting pirates or exploring for resources.

In addition, there are new ways to earn credits with the addition of ship-to-ship refueling, allowing MISC Starfarer owners to refuel ships in space and charge customers for the service, as well as mining gadgets that can enhance the mineral yield of asteroids.

Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts said the following in a press release:

With the Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes release we’re thrilled to introduce new places to explore like the Maria Pure of Heart hospital in Lorville and new ways to participate in the in-game economy – whether it be through selling plunder from hard-fought pirate battles or counting your profits from a day of mining and cargo transporting.

We’re excited to see how pilots interact with the new features and watch the emergent gameplay unfold, especially with ship-to-ship refueling, which will create interesting encounters between players. This is just the start of our plans for 2022, and we can’t wait to share more details about what is in store for Star Citizen.

The Fueling Fortunes update also brings a new hospital to the Hurston Dynamics company town of Lorville. The Maria Pure of Heart hospital is now welcoming new patients. Not only that, but pilots are now able to access all hospitals in all landing zones of the Stanton system. Also, as mentioned before, this update brings the first interactive river since the implementation of river tech. This interactive river can be found on MicroTech.

Star Citizen is currently in development exclusively for PC.

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