Star Citizen Update 3.9 Out Now, Adding A New Ship, Mission, Prison System, and More

Star Citizen

Following a last-second month-long delay, Star Citizen has delivered it’s latest update, entitled Locked Up & Loaded. As the name implies, the update add a new prison system that will punish players that misbehave, as well as a new ship, the Esperia Prowler, a fresh mission, and the usual variety of gameplay improvements, such as unified friends lists. Check out a trailer for Star Citizen’s latest update, below.

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Here are the main features included in Star Citizen Alpha Update 3.9:

  • Klescher Automated Prison: Actions have consequences. Players incapacitated by security forces or bounty hunters will now find themselves serving hard time in prison. Pay off your debt to society by doing manual labor, or make plans for a daring escape.
  • Unified Friends List: Group play is getting a major upgrade. Moving forward, contacts and friends from Star Citizen Spectrum (CIG’s proprietary out-of-game communications platform) will be unified with in-game contacts. Connecting with fellow pilots and forming parties from either platform has never been easier!
  • New Babbage Landing Zone: This brand-new landing zone and trading hub is now open for business! Located on microTech and home to the company’s flagship store, New Babbage features an extensive transit system with lines connecting all major hubs. Open spaces are enclosed by protective domes, shielding citizens from the planet’s freezing climate while offering spectacular views of frozen lakes and azure skies.
  • New Mission - The Price of Freedom: In an all-new mission, some unlucky outlaws have been captured and are catching a ride on a prison transport. Players have been hired to board the ship, fight their way past security, wake these unfortunate individuals from cryosleep, and if possible, eliminate the turncoat who got them captured in the first place.
  • New Ship - Esperia Prowler: The Prowler is a near-perfect recreation of the infamous dropship that battled UEE forces throughout the Tevarin Wars. Elegant, advanced, and effective, it embodies the unique Tevarin approach to warfare and organic vehicle design. The Prowler is the first Tevarin-derived ship ever offered on the Human market. Find out more about the Esperia Prowler here.
  • New Player Status System: Player immersion reaches new levels, as blizzards and snowstorms are now more than just a visual effect. “Weather locomotion” now provides wind force resistance to player characters and ships in the atmosphere. In addition to monitoring temperature, the new player status system also measures hunger and thirst. Eat and hydrate to stave off starvation and thirst while taking advantage of specially designed suits to maintain an ideal body temperature in harsh environments.
  • New Weapon Attachment UI Feature: Ground combat sees major improvements as players can now make adjustments to weapon attachments on the fly without having to navigate through inventory menu systems. Make quick changes to scopes and attachments on the go and stay in the action.

If you want to know about every bug fix and tweak included in Star Citizen update 3.9, you can check out the full, unabridged patch notes, right here.

Star Citizen recently updated its new content roadmap, and, controversially, a number promised features were delayed or removed altogether. While 2020 presents unique challenges to game developers, many fans are still  upset about the setbacks given the game has accumulated over $275 million through crowdfunding.

Star Citizen is currently available in alpha form on PC. The game’s next big 4.0 update is now expected to arrive sometime in August.

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