SoulCalibur VI Team Wants To Create Better Connection With Community; Zasalamel In Base Roster Following Criticism

Francesco De Meo
SoulCalibur VI

SoulCalibur VI will be the big comeback for the series, and it seems like Bandai Namco and Project Soul, the team developing the game, are determined in getting everything right, creating a better connection with the community in the process.

8WAYRUN forums member Vergeben, who is managing to acquire information regarding SoulCalibur VI, has recently posted about Bandai Namco and Project Soul wanting to give true fans of the series what they want, listening to their feedback.

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Project Soul and Bandai Namco specifically don't want some kind of Lost Swords situation to happen again and want a closer connection to the community.
They are wanting to see what real fans of the series want, and are trying not to confuse the demands of random people that played a or Soul Calibur games when they were younger but just lost interest and would never buy a Soul Calibur game otherwise.

Basically, they're tuning out the ludicrous demands.
The problem is they might be having issues differentiating things like Team Battle as what long term, real fans desire with what the fans they're tuning out want. So, if you want things like Team Battle and other things they ditched that were on SC1, II, and III that helped with the "soul" of what older Soul Calibur games were, I can't stress enough to please be vocal and come together to let them know what you want.

To create an improved connection with the community, the team is keeping an eye not only on the 8WAYRUN forums, which is a big SoulCalibur community but also on popular streamers like Maximillian Dood and Aris, Reddit and 4chan. Apparently, it was the reactions they have seen to the rumors regarding Zasalamel being a DLC character that made the team change their plans and include the character in the base roster.

Most specifically they are paying attention to us here at 8WayRun, the youtubers Maximilian Dood, Aris, Dynasty, and TwoBestFriendsPlay, and threads about my leaks, which apparently directly impacted things like Zasalamel not being a DLC character, which was planned until the response to that was universally panned.
Hopefully, the panning of the mere idea of Cervantes being DLC isn't falling on deaf ears if that "former employee" leak is actually true.
Anyways those things and people mentioned are who and what they are most closely following and paying attention to get the best idea of public opinion and what people want in the game from various types of playerbases: casual fighting game players and gamers in general, fighting game veterans that don't play Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur veteran players are an example to let you know what playerbases they're looking at.

Interestingly enough, the team wanted to include characters using more realistic fighting styles, citing For Honor as an example.

The character design and battle planning team apparently have voiced some regrets for character designs that they and apparently one from Okubo himself wishes they had an opportunity to include in the game.
Those being character styles like a "traditional and semi realistic" swordsman using real sword techniques that aren't usually in video games.
They were given examples like "Half-Swording and the Murder Stroke" specifically.
They actually cited the game For Honor as inspiration for this, as well as a couple people as part of the battle team getting into American Medieval Sword Fighting via youtube channels dedicated to it. Things like ScholaGladitoria does. They said they don't think it means they specifically watch things from that channel, but was at least given as an idea as to what they meant. But I guess it could've meant that one. I found that interesting regardless.

SoulCalibur VI launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a yet to be confirmed 2018 release date.

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