Twitter’s New Connect Tab Provides Better Suggestions On Who You Should Follow

Twitter lets you connect with people that interest you in the world. However, sometimes it gets really frustrating when you want to find that specific person. You might have to spend a little time, jumping from one hoop to the other. Finding the specific person does get cumbersome to some extent. To tackle this situation, Twitter is bringing a completely 'Reimagined' Connect tab, that provides recommendations on who you should follow.


Twitter's Connect Tab Recommends People And Accounts Of Your Interest

According to Twitter, you will see a list of detailed accounts of people and more that the company thinks you might want to follow. The availability of all the accounts right at one place is really feasible for users. However, this is not the first time Twitter has added a Connect tab to its microblogging service.

Back in 2013, Twitter introduced the Connect tab in its app that acted as a notification hub for users. The company had to face quite a bit of criticism on its decision because essentially it did not make any sense. So by early 2014, the company changed the name of the Connect tab to 'Notifications'.


So the reintroduced Connect tab does exactly what its name suggests, it connects people via various account recommendations. The recommendations list that will appear to serve users will be based on the people you have already followed, trending accounts in your region, the tweets you have liked and more. Moreover, the microblogging service has also promised that it will improve the recommendations over time.

Other than this, you can also use the Connect tab to automatically sync your address book with Twitter. This will allow users to connect with family and friends in your circle with ease. Furthermore, your address book will also be given Twitter access. Some of you might not like this, so be aware of the after effects that may follow.

Twitter's new Connect tab is available to users starting today. So if you use Twitter on iOS or Android, do update the app if the roll out has begun in your region. The Connect tab will be available as a blue prompt once you update your Twitter app. This is definitely a good move by Twitter, allowing users to get recommendations on people and accounts that might interest them.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about the addition of a new Connect tab in Twitter? Will it make searching people easier for you? Share your views in the comments.


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