Sol Cresta to Launch on December 9, 2021; DLC Announced

Ule Lopez
Sol Cresta PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames has confirmed that Sol Cresta has will launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 9, 2021. The price for the game has also been revealed. The game is going to be sold for $39.99. The price and release date reveals have all been unveiled during an official live stream during this year's Bit Summit event.

Additionally, PlatinumGames announced plans for the release of a DLC that will add a new, voiced story mode written by the game's creative director Hideki Kamiya. The Sol Cresta Dramatic DLC's details will be unveiled as soon as they are available.

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Sol Cresta is a Neo-Classic shooter in which you pilot the docking fighter Yamato and fight to take back the solar system from the evil Mega Zohar army. The Yamato is made up of 3 smaller ships:

  • Unit 01: Amateratsu - This ship represents the sun and has lasers as its main weapon. Dock it in the lead to use the Tri Laser. This laser, while not very powerful, can fire lasers in three directions. Dock it in the center to use the Wide Laser. You can shoot a giant laser that eradicates enemies.
  • Unit 02: Tsukoyomi - This ship represents the moon and has missiles as its main weapon. Dock it in the lead to use the Electro Missile. This missile homes in on enemies and delivers a jolt on impact. Dock it in the center to use the Full Burst Missile. This fires a barrage of missiles with enhanced homing, leaving the enemy with nowhere to run.
  • Unit 03: Susano - This ship represents Earth and has drills as its main weapon. Dock it in the lead to use the Drill Shot. This fires a multi-hit drill that pierces enemies and can crack stone. Dock it in the center to use the Gigaton Drill. This activates a giant drill that pulverizes approaching enemies. The ship docked in the rear offers support fire.

Here's a trailer for the game which you can watch below:

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