[Updated: PS4/XO Patch] Skyrim Special Edition Patch 1.1 Available On Steam; Performance & Optimization Improvements, Addresses Sound Quality

Aernout van de Velde
Skyrim Special Edition

[Update] Skyrim Special Edition patch 1.1 has also been available on both PS4 and Xbox One.

The Skyrim Special Edition 1.1 Update is now live on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

NOTE: Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit users should also update to 1.1. Update by logging into the Bethesda.net Launcher.

Bethesda a released Skyrim Special Edition patch 1.1 on Steam which includes various performance and optimization improvements. Additionally, the update should address sound quality issues.

As written in our recent review, The Skyrim PC remaster feels underwhelming. The title fails to impress PC players visually and it appears that it suffers from some major technical issues. On top of that, the game’s sound quality on both PC and Xbox One appears to be gimped compared to the original Skyrim from 2011. The downgraded sound quality on PC and Xbox One appears to be caused by the amount of compression used. Bethesda has said that its aware of these issues and promised a fix last week.

That fix was recently released on Steam, and a patch for PS4 and Xbox One appears to be inbound as well. Check out the Skyrim Special Edition patch 1.1.5 release notes below:

The 1.1.51 Update is available on Steam Beta. We will update this post with status of Xbox One and PS4 soon. Please give us feedback on our forums.


  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Fixed rare issue with NPCs not appearing in proper locations
  • Fixed issue with saves erroneously being marked as Moddded, even though no mods are active
  • Updated some sound files to not use compression

How to access the Steam Beta

Log into Steam.

Right Click on Skyrim Special Edition in your Library.

Select Settings.

Select Betas.A drop down menu will appear. Select Beta.

Select OK.

Wait a few minutes for game to update.

When done, Skyrim Special Edition [Beta] should appear in our Library.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game also supports mod on all platforms, although mod support on PS4 is limited to internal assets only. Aditionally, only 1Gb of space is reserved for mods on PS4, while the Xbox One version has 5GB of mod space.

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