Skyrim Die Twice Experience Achieved Through Series of Mods

Alessio Palumbo
Skyrim Die Twice

Remember the 'Skyrim Die Twice' work-in-progress mod that we reported on earlier this year? It aimed to deliver a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice-like experience in Skyrim through mods.

Now, YouTuber LowEnder published a video showcasing a compilation of mods, including one derived from that WIP mod mentioned above, which altogether seem to recreate 'Skyrim Die Twice' pretty well.

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Here's a list of the most important mods used in the video, though the first one is responsible for actually modifying the combat to be more like Sekiro's.

Shinobi Combat - A Sekiro Combat Mod

This mod was made with the idea to bring "The Clashing of Swords", which Sekiro's swordsplay tries to capture, into Skyrim. It is a standalone combat overhaul that adds features found in Sekiro's combat system, and tries to do so in the most minimalistic and performance-friendly way I could think of.

Shinobi Tools

Firecracker (Blossom)
• Spray lingering sparkles which stun all targets. Animal below level 20 flee for 10 seconds.
Firecracker (Firework)
• Spray deafening sparkles which stun all targets. Animal below level 50 flee for 10 seconds.
Flame Vent
• Release a burst of flame, dealing 10 fire damage per second for 3 seconds. Target weak to fire burns for quadruple the duration.
Lazulite Shuriken
• Damages and staggers target with poor defense continuously for up to 7 hits. Knocks down airborne target.
Mist Raven
• When attacked, fade into mist of feathers. You immune to all damages, move twice the speed, and can perform high-jump in this state.

These powers don't require charging (holding mouse) but have 3 seconds cooldown.
They can be equipped in either Power or Hand slot. Press E/Enter to equip in power slot, use mouse click to equip in hand.

The items that give you the spells can be crafted at the blacksmith forge.
Bandits and thieves might drop Flash Powder which you can use in early game where you have yet to come across the ingredients to craft the items.

Himika's lock on

VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE

TK HitStop SE

Ultimate Combat SE

3rd Person Camera Overhaul

EAD - Every Attack Different SE

Enhanced Blood Splash

Sekiro Armor (on loverslab)

The Ultimate Dodge Mod

World Of Rudra

MSZ Item Set

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