Apple Releases Firmware Update 9M6772 for New Siri Remote


Apple has released a brand new update for its latest Siri Remote, pushing the version number up to 9M6772.

New Siri Remote Bumped to Version 9M6772 with Fixes and Improvements

This is likely a bug and performance related release, nothing else. If you were hoping that your Siri Remote will magically get new features or powers, you’d be wrong to think that. But, be assured that this update should make your shiny new Siri Remote perform better than before in ways you can’t even see. That sounds boring, we know.

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There is no way to force the new 9M6772 update onto the Siri Remote. But if you want to check the version number manually, then turn on the Apple TV, go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote and here you can check the firmware version and see for yourself if you have the latest one or not.

Again, there is no way to ‘force’ the update onto your remote. The update will happen in stealth fashion over the air. Just make sure your Apple TV is connected to the internet at all times for that to happen.

The new Siri Remote comes as standard with the new Apple TV. But you have the option to buy it separately for your current Apple TV as well.