SilverStone Announces the SUGO 15


Silverstone has announced the SUGO 15, a variation of the SUGO 14, which offered some impressive features, which have been further expanded with the SUGO 15. The SUGO 15 does feature a very similar design but lacks the orange line which the SUGO 14 has on the plastic front panel. This new version features two different main body colors being either black or silver, and This PC case is currently available through Amazon for a price of $167.50.

SilverStone has announced the SUGO 15 featuring support for full-length graphics cards and feature an aluminum exterior

The SUGO 15 offers some fantastic features, including widespread compatibility; this case can support a Mini-DTX and Mini-ITX motherboard. This case can support a graphics card length of up to 330 mm and width of 148 mm, allowing for up to a 3-slot full-length graphics card. For the installed processor cooling, the maximum air cooler height is 183 mm, and if the PC builder wants to use a 240 mm AIO cooler, the maximum height is just 55 mm.

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This case features a modular design, with four removable captive thumbscrew panels, allowing for a higher customization level. When comparing this case to the SUGO 14, the main difference is the outside material, the mesh filters, and the lack of a 5.25" drive support. This lack of 5.25" drive support has dropped the maximum configuration number from six configurations to five configurations.

While many Mini-ITX PC cases need to use an SFX power supply, this case doesn't require a special Power supply, instead offering support for an ATX power supply to be easily installed inside the case. This case can support a maximum PSU length of 150 mm, allowing various power supplies to be supported by this PC case.

The front IO of the SUGO 15 offers a single USB Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a single Combo audio port. This case offers the same cooling configurations as the SUGO 14, featuring Rear and side mounting locations for both fans and radiators.

This new iteration of the CUBE PC case swaps the plastic exterior for an aluminum exterior, which substantially increases this PC case's durability. This case can come in two different colors, a black color scheme or a silver color scheme, both of which have been listed on Amazon with a price of $167.50.