Seagate Releases the FireCuda 120 SATA SSD Designed With Gamers in Mind


Seagate announces the FireCuda 120 SSDs. This SSDs are designed for speed and endurance; this SSD is ready for rigorous PC gaming. The FireCuda 120 SSD features a 5,600 TB TBW durability and uses the max speed that the SATA III interface. This fantastical 2.5" form factor is the perfect choice for any PC builder looking for an amazingly fast boot drive or a perfect addition to anyone looking for an additional SSD.

The FireCuda 120 SSD differs when compared to the previous FireCuda drives, all of which have been in the M.2 2280 form factor while the Firecuda 120 is in the 2.5" form factor

The newest addition to the FireCuda SSD lineup does utilize the same type of NAND Flash memory, that being 3D TLC NAND flash. The reason for the significant difference in speeds, one example being the FireCuda 510, having a read/write speed of 3450/3200 while the FireCuda 120 has a read/write speed of 560/540, is the difference in the connecting interface. This difference allows the FireCuda, which in the previous generation would attach directly to the motherboard, to be mounted in a 2.5" drive location.

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Source: Seagate

While the speed of the FireCuda 120 SSD may be lower than previous FireCuda SSDs, the speed provided is still 30 times faster than conventional hard drives. The speeds that this drive offer allows for responsive downloads, installing and allowing for fantastic speed while multitasking.

While this new FireCuda offers a fantastically long-term endurance of 0.7 DWPD and a larger capacity. This SSD also features a robust 1.8M hours mean time between failures, or MTBF, this large amount of hours between failures means that gamers have a total of 82 years of gamine between failures.

This drive has a total capacity of up to 4 TB; this large amount of storage makes this drive perfect for a games library. The FireCuda 120 SSD has a total of four different models and four different capacities ranging from 500 GB to a 4 TB model.

This drive monitors drive health, performance, and firmware updated with the free software provided by Seagates, SeaTools.

The FireCuda is now available and for the 500 GB model is priced at $104.99, the 1 TB model is priced at $199.49, the 2 TB model is priced at $388.49 and the largest capacity model, the 4 TB model, is priced at $650.99.