SilverStone Announces the Nightjar NJ700 Fanless Power Supply

Evan Federowicz
Source: SilverStone

Silverstone has announced a new addition to its Nightjar series of power supplies; this new edition features the highest power output of 700 watts and is promptly named NJ700. This power supply features a white color scheme and features 100% modular cables, with a 0 dBA noise level. The high-quality construction gives this PSU a rating of 80 PLUS Titanium and Cybernetics Titanium ratings. Silverstone has yet to announce any pricing information for the NJ700 or when this power supply will be available for purchase.

The NJ700 features a white color scheme and a fanless design to ensure quiet operation even during heavy PSU workloads

Silverstone's newest addition to the Nightjar series of power supplies all features a fanless design. This fanless design ensures that the power supply features a 0 dBA noise level even at the maximum workload. This newest addition features the highest maximum power output for the Nightjar power supply series, feature a maximum power output of 700 watts; this power supply is called the NJ700. This fanless design also gives this power supply the Cybernetic A++ rating.

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Source: SilverStone

The design of the NJ700 is completely modular, eliminating a large amount of cable clutter. This reduction in cable clutter can increase the PC case's airflow for the PSU and other internal components. This PSU features a white color scheme, which would fit into a snow PC build. This power supply utilizes all Japanese capacitors to ensure high reliability and high power output.

Source: SilverStone

This power supply is rated for both 80 PLUS Titanium and Cybernetic Titanium, which ensures a high rating of efficiency of over 94% at a workload of 50%. This rating also shows that at 100% PSU workload, this PSU will still have at least 90% efficiency. This high efficiency makes this perfect for any content creator or streaming PC setup that needs to maintain a specific streaming schedule.

The NJ700 Power supply features various protections, including Over Current, Over Voltage, Short Circuits, Over Power Protection, and Over Temperature. These protections ensure that the power supply will feature a high amount of reliability for its users.

Silverstone has yet to announce any pricing information for the NJ700 or any information on when this power supply will be purchase.

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