Cybenetics Announces The Easy PSU Efficiency and Noise Badges

Evan Federowicz
Souce: Cybenetics

Cybenetics has created various badges to rate specific aspects of the power supply. These badges showcase the Efficiency level of each PSU, the noise level, and even the amount of noise the chassis can dampen. Cybenetics Efficiency logo offers grades that closely remember precious metals, including Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, for Power efficiency, while the Noise and Chassis certifications follow a different rating system.

Cybenetics has created three different rating systems, focused on rating the PSU efficiency, Noise levels, and even the Soundproofing levels

Cybenetics Efficiency Logo system starts with Bronze and continues up to Diamond, While the bronze badge shows an overall efficiency of over 82% but below 85%. In contrast, the Diamond rating features an overall efficiency greater than 93% and is the highest rating possible within this new rating system. When comparing the Cybenetics efficiency logo system to the commonly used 80 PLUS rating system, the Bronze badge is equivalent to the 80 PLUS bronze rating. The Diamond rating is similar to the 80 PLUS titanium, the highest rating in the 80 PLUS certification system.

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Source: Cybenetics

While Cybenetics did launch the Efficiency logo system, the efficiency badges are designed to be used in tandem with its noise level certification and chassis certifications. The noise level certification easily shows the range of noise that the fan and power supply will make during operation; one example is the standard badge, which features a noise range of 40 dBA to 45 dBA. The A++ certification features a noise level of under 15 dBA. This perfect for PC builders that wish to easily know how much noise the power supply will make under both a smaller workload and the maximum workload.

Source: Cybenetics

The Chassis certification is a bit different, and it measures the amount of soundproofing that the chassis can provide, creating a much quieter PC even during the highest workloads. The standard certification can provide soundproofing of up to 3 dBA, while the A+, the highest rating possible in this certification system, features soundproofing of 6 dBA and higher.

Source: Cybenetics

This badge ensures that any PC builder focused on creating an incredibly quiet PC won't have to return the power supply due to the power supply's sound.

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