Shenmue III Backer Demo Coming Next Month, Lets Players Explore Bailu Village Area

Nathan Birch
Shenmue III

Pending any further delays, Shenmue III finally arrives this November, but wait…what about the demo backers of the game were promised? Will those who have already ponied up their cash still get an early taste of the game? Thankfully, the answer is yes, as Ys Net has finally provided some details about the Shenmue III Backer Trial.

The trial will launch sometime in late September, and will allow players to tour the game’s laid-back opening area, Bailu Village. Here are the full details, straight from Ys Net:

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The elements and features to be included in the Shenmue III Backer Trial have almost all been pinned down, and we are now working to finalize a delivery date with our partners. Once a date has been confirmed, another announcement will be made here in the updates.

Trial Version Content

The trial version will feature a stand-alone act with objective that takes place in the first area of Shenmue III, Bailu Village. The game will be playable for an estimated 1 hours, and will be replayable after the objective has been cleared. There are lots of activities to experience and we hope you go back for more until the trial expires. The trial version will also come with a PDF play guide. Trial version saves will not transfer over to the final version of the game.

Want to know if your rig can handle the Shenmue III trial? You can check out the game’s full PC requirements, right here. Of course, Shenmue III is an Epic Games Store exclusive, so you’ll need to download the Epic launcher and have an Epic Games account in order to play the trial. The Ys Net post isn’t entirely clear, but it doesn’t seem like the trial will be available on PS4.

Shenmue III arrives on PC and PS4 on November 19.

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