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Shadow Warrior 2 Devs Super Skeptical on VR, Not Doing Anything with Nintendo Switch or CrossPlay


Shadow Warrior 2 launched in October for PC. Its 2013 predecessor was the reboot to 1997's hit originally developed by 3D Realms.

This sequel proved to be extremely successful in these first few months. When he reviewed the game, Dave rated it 8.8/10 giving high praise to Flying Wild Hog:

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It would be a struggle to not recommend Shadow Warrior 2, it’s just too glorious. Running, gunning and cutting down enemies is invigorating, and the action never lets up for even a second. The sense of humor isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but cutscenes and dialogue are always skippable – just in case you really want to get back into the action.

FPS fans, Shadow Warrior 2 is just brilliant, dumb, fun. You won’t regret investing your time and money in this raunchy and a bit outrageous shooter, believe me.

The game also easily made our list of best shooter games released in 2016.

With the console release due at some point in Q2 2017, we've talked with Flying Wild Hog's Tadeusz Zielinski about those ports as well as additional updates to the game and the studio's stance on hot topics like the Nintendo Switch, Virtual Reality and cross-platform play. Enjoy!

In the most recent press release, you mentioned that Shadow Warrior 2 was such a hit that you could afford giving the Wang DLC for free. Does that mean we can expect more DLC/expansions, perhaps with a price tag this time?

When comes to price tags this is definitely Devolver CFO Fork Parker’s decision. He is a cheap bastard (even though he calls other people that) so we can’t guarantee everything for “FREE” but yes - we are working on some more additions to Shadow Warrior 2.

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Shadow Warrior 2 has been pinned for a release in April or May on consoles. Can you nail it down to a specific month for us?

No, the date has not been set yet and we can’t share any information on that subject.

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch? Did Nintendo reach out to you and are you considering whether to release your games on the platform?

Some of the people in the company are fans of Nintendo. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we are planning on doing anything with Nintendo Switch. Except for buying it to play the new Zelda game.

The game also supports online cooperative play. Are you evaluating crossplay between various platforms? 

There are no plans on crossplay as it’s super tricky to introduce. And not because of the technological problems - the reasons are purely “Sony will not make a crossplay with Microsoft” kind of thing.

With PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive finally out, you must receive lots of fan requests to make the game VR compatible. Is that a possibility down the road?

We are still super skeptic when comes to VR. We tried it. Some of the games are cool, but the majority aren’t. Shadow Warrior 2 and Flying Wild Hog games in general are too fast and frantic to work well with that technology, so for now we are not planning on doing anything with VR.

Shadow Warrior 2 was the first PC game to support HDR. Can we expect both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S ports to feature HDR?

Most likely we won't support HDR on PS4 and XBoxOneS due to time constraints.

What do you think of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of performance? Is it powerful enough to deliver 4K gaming?

PS4Pro is a great upgrade over base PS4. the CPU didn't get a big upgrade, but GPU is a beast. It also has some interesting hardware features, which help with achieving 4k resolution without resorting to brute force.

PS4 Pro's architect Mark Cerny said that the console introduces the ability to perform two 16-bit operations at the same time, instead of one 32-bit operation. He suggested that this has the potential to "radically increase the performance of games" - do you agree with this assessment? 

Yes. Half precision (16 bit) instructions are a great feature. They were used some time ago in Geforce FX, but didn't manage to gain popularity and were dropped. It's a pity because most operations don't need full float (32 bit) precision and it's a waste to use full float precision for them. With half precision instructions, we could gain much better performance without sacrificing image quality.

Will Shadow Warrior 2 support PS4 Pro at launch and if so, which enhancements are you preparing?

Yes, it will support PS4Pro, but there are no specific enhancements planned for the release.

Will Hard Reset Redux receive a PS4 Pro patch, too?

There are no such plans now.

Thank you for your time.