Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Confirmed to Support Project Treble

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After the recent fiasco with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo update, fans are rightfully sceptical about software updates for Samsung devices. It'll be weeks before several users get an OTA update, and the wait is even longer for Galaxy Note 8 users. However, with the Galaxy S9, things might take a step in the right direction.

For starters, the Galaxy S9 is launching out of the box with Android Oreo. While the OS doesn’t look all that different on the surface from what we saw on the Galaxy S8 on Nougat, it does offer quite a bit. Some of the features include more edge lighting options, app pairs to launch two apps simultaneously, a redesigned keyboard and a host of other stuff. Aside from Google’s user-facing features, Oreo also brings Project Treble with it.

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Project Treble is Google’s attempt to make updating Android phones much easier for OEMs. Project Treble takes inspiration from the Compatibility Test Suite that allows developers to write apps that work across billions of phones and tablets without needing to make tweaks for each device type. With the new more modular architecture, Google is separating the vendor implementation, or device-specific, lower-level software written in large part by the silicon manufacturers, from the Android OS Framework.

Now, it’s been confirmed that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 supports Project Treble. While that doesn’t mean too much at launch, it will mean a lot down the road. If Samsung takes advantage of it, Treble should mean that this device could see more monthly security patches, as well as faster updates to major system updates. The company had said that it would work with OEMs to bring Project Treble support to existing flagships. While the Galaxy S8 recently received its Oreo update, it’s yet to receive support for Project Treble.

Many manufacturers have been observed to deliberately ship their devices with Nougat to avoid mandatory Project Treble support. We're glad that Samsung didn't go down that route and is actively supporting Treble.


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