Samsung Accidentally Confirms Its Samsung Pay Mini and Digital Assistant Bixby – Could Roll Out With Galaxy S8


For the longest time, we heard of two new features that Samsung was going to introduce, called Samsung Pay Mini and Bixby. In case you didn’t know, Bixby is the company’s virtual assistant that’s expected to come running ‘out of the box’ on the upcoming Galaxy S8, while the other one is Samsung’s convenient feature to confirm transactions from the comfort of your smartphone. However, as impressive is Samsung’s tech lineup is, the company sure didn’t cover its tracks when keeping these upcoming features hidden from the public eye.

Samsung Accidentally Details the Arrival of Samsung Pay Mini and Bixby on Its Website

Most leaks related to a company’s product or service can sometimes be present on their own website without their knowledge. Dell has mistakenly done this and it's now Samsung’s turn to erroneously reveal to us those new features; Samsung Pay Mini and the company’s home-constructed virtual assistant called Bibxy. Samsung Pay Mini is essentially a simplified version of making payments exclusively from your handset, and it is possible that the feature is going to remain limited to the company’s high-end lineup.

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As for Bixby, Samsung’s own AI-running virtual assistant is said to come running on the Galaxy S8 thanks to the company’s acquisition of Viv. The first rumor suggesting that the company was working on something like this came out during the month of November. However, there were reports stating that because Samsung was using Google’s mobile OS, integration of its own assistant might not be possible, but there haven’t been any follow-ups to that particular report as of late. This shows that the incorporation of Bixby on the Galaxy S8 might still be possible, so we’ll be updating you on its latest features when they are detailed.

It is highly possible that the official announcement of both Samsung Pay Mini and Bixby take place when the tech giant is announcing its crown jewel, the Galaxy S8. The unveiling of the Galaxy S8 is said to take place on April 18 at an undisclosed venue in New York City and we’ll have all the latest information for you at the time of the announcement.