Galaxy S8 Might Not Get Its Own Personal Voice Assistant and Here’s the Reason Why

Galaxy S8 no Viv support

Several rumors and reports pinpoint to the Galaxy S8 coming with its own personal voice assistant. After Samsung acquired Viv Labs, it was a surety that the smartphone was going to come with this unique feature. Unfortunately, the ambitions of the company will probably not come to fruition and this happens due to patent disputes and other legal matters. The latest matter searches around the deal between Samsung and Google, and how incorporating the company’s own personal voice assistant could violate those terms.

Analyst Claims That Galaxy S8 Will Not Feature Its Own Personal Voice Assistant Thanks to Google’s Interference

With Google having debuted its Google Assistant in its Pixel lineup, it looks like this integration is also going to be found in the Galaxy S8. In other words, you cannot have two voice assistants present in a smartphone, so it looks like Samsung might be prevented by Google from using its own feature inside the upcoming flagship. Once Samsung started using Google’s mobile operating system, it seems they forgot to possess some oversight which states that the Google Assistant is a part of Android and should be used just like that.

In short, if Samsung does plan on ditching Google for its own Tizen platform, then there’s a higher probability of the Galaxy S8 featuring the Viv personal voice assistant. Now that we mention Samsung’s Tizen OS, we have a feeling that the more devices the company starts to roll out running the company’s own software, the more chances that they will get their own voice assistant.

However, there are restrictions with what you can do while running someone else’s licensed platform. In addition, Samsung was also forced to scale back several customizations in Android due to the agreements signed with Google, so even if Galaxy S8 does manage to roll out with the firm’s own voice assistant, Google would be taking Samsung to court.

We certainly hope that a consensus is reached between Samsung and Google. After the Note 7 fiasco, the Galaxy S8 will be the primary revenue generator for the company’s smartphone division so everything needs to go down as smoothly as possible.


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