Galaxy S8 Could See an April Launch Date in the City of New York


If a new report is to be believed, then the Galaxy S8 is expected to get launched during the month of April, but the venue where it the announcement is going to be held is something that we didn’t expect.

Samsung Playing Smart by Announcing Galaxy S8 in New York, According to Sources Close to the Matter

According to Korean media, claims being made by participants in a global strategy meeting held by Samsung at the company’s HQ reveal that the upcoming flagship could have an announcement date set during the month of April.

However, where most people thought that the tech giant would be announcing the smartphone on its own turf, the report claims that the company is going to be making proceedings to showcase the flagship in New York City, which is actually a very smart move. This is because the United States has the largest smartphone market in terms of revenue generated, and the announcement of the phone should be able to cover up losses incurred thanks to the Note 7 saga.

The Galaxy S8 is said to come in larger screen sizes, possibly to help future customers forget about the Note 7 as quickly as possible. These screen sizes will be advantageous in featuring a larger battery capacity and providing a larger screen real estate. However, some analysts have predicted that because Samsung intends to announce an ‘all-curved screen’ S8, it might not bode well with some users, and that’s probably because the curved edges end up making the smartphone difficult to grip and becomes a costly trip to the service center if the screen gets damaged or shattered.

Galaxy S8 has also been reported to come with better speakers, and a higher screen-to-body ratio to add to the aesthetic value of the smartphone. In my opinion, the announcement of the smartphone in New York is actually a very smart decision if the rumor turns out to be true. It will be an ever better turnaround if Samsung can provide compensation for those who purchased the Note 7.