Samsung Will Be Launching Next-Gen Wireless Headphones With Galaxy S8 Announcement


It was previously rumored that Samsung would be announcing an AirPods competitor with the announcement of the Galaxy S8. However, looking at the renders of the upcoming Galaxy S8, we’re happy to see that Samsung has retained the 3.5mm headphone jack, giving users the option to adopt a wired or wireless headphone setup, whichever one suits them. As far as wireless headphones go, the company could be prepping a product when the Galaxy S8 announcement kicks off, but we’re not sure that they will be competing against Apple’s AirPods any longer.

Upcoming Samsung Headphones Will Include Active Noise Cancelling Tech But They Will Set You Back by Quite a Bit

According to one rumor from Twitter, these headphones are expected to feature active noise canceling technology, which is always a welcome feature when you want to experience nothing but the sound emanating from whatever device that has the headphones plugged into them. They are expected to come in the following colors as well:

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  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • Silver

Unfortunately, these premium wireless headphones might also carry an expensive price tag. According to the rumor, they are expected to retail for 130 Euros, which translates into nearly $140. For comparison purposes, these are definitely cheaper than what the AirPods are selling for and it is also possible that Samsung incorporates its own technology that allows them to function in the same manner as Apple’s wireless earphones.

For example, if a user brings the headphones in close proximity of their smartphones, both devices will get paired without running through the tedious process yourself. Galaxy S8 itself is going to be announced on March 29, so we’re excited to hear that another product is going to be showcased with the flagship. For now, take this info with a pinch of salt; you cannot believe everything that you hear, but we’ll keep you updated regardless.