Samsung Could Be Preparing an AirPods Competitor With Galaxy S8 Announcement

Omar Sohail
Samsung Could Be Preparing an AirPods Competitor With Galaxy S8 Announcement

The success of the new Apple AirPods must have got the attention of the company’s biggest rival in the smartphone industry and according to the latest rumor, Samsung is preparing a competitor that will most likely be launched with the announcement of the Galaxy S8.

Unnamed Samsung AirPods Competitor Could Reveal Insights of Galaxy S8’s Jackless Setup

Wireless audio from smartphones seems to be catching up to companies and it looks like the second company after Apple to incorporate such a feature would be Samsung when it announces the Galaxy S8. If the company is preparing an AirPods competitor, then it would provide more information to the fact at the S8 might cease to feature a headphone jack. However, that would mean the company would be working on a proprietary port just like Apple’s Lightning connector, but as a personal opinion, keeping both features active for users to choose from is a much better approach.

Samsung’s flagship phones are actually one of the very few from the Android race that sport water-resistant and provide support for wireless charging. Now imagine if Galaxy S8 provided support for wired and wireless audio experiences, then it would be a game changer for a larger consumer base. As for how these wireless earbuds are going to function, it is possible that Samsung incorporates its own chips and integrates the use of its Viv assistant to allow for seamless pairing just like the W1 chip in AirPods behaves when brought into close proximity of an iPhone or iPad.

Keep in mind that the reason why wireless earphones are still not an ideal choice despite being extremely flexible for the user is due to the lack of battery life improvements and while software updates and improved chips will help to alleviate the degrading attribute of lithium-ion cells, it is imperative that battery technology introduces an industrial breakthrough otherwise situations like this will never improve.

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