Samsung Rumored to Be Testing 8K 60FPS Video on Galaxy S22, but Overheating Issues Persist

Samsung Rumored to Be Testing 8K 60FPS Video on Galaxy S22, but Overheating Issues Persist

Samsung introduced 8K video recording support on the Galaxy S20 series, and though the Korean giant was the first to allow a framerate capture of 24FPS, it’s been a bumpy ride. First, users were limited to capturing video for just five minutes due to overheating problems, but the company continues to push those framerate boundaries. In fact, one tipster states that Samsung is testing out 8K 60FPS video recording on the Galaxy S22, but it has run into similar problems.

Recording 8K 60FPS Footage Limited to Five Minutes Only, Likely Due to Overheating

Samsung is working to bring 8K 60FPS support to future flagship smartphones, according to Mauri QHD. While the tipster continues to remain closely knit with the technology giant’s plans, he does mention that just like the Galaxy S20 series, the Galaxy S22 lineup apparently suffers from the same overheating issues. He also mentions that video recording is limited to five minutes at 8K 60FPS.

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This means that Samsung has potentially overcome overheating issues while recording at 8K 24FPS, which is a good sign, but it's impractical for most users. Keep in mind that recording 8K 24FPS on the Galaxy S20 took up 600MB of space per minute. For five minutes, that equals 3GB per footage. In this scenario, not only will you need gobs and gobs of storage, but that memory has to write data at faster speeds to keep up with the demanding bandwidth of recording 8K video.

Luckily, Samsung has got both ‘higher capacity’ and ‘faster memory’ covered; what it needs to figure out is how to lift the 5-minute limitation of the Galaxy S22. The tipster mentions that unless the company scales past this, it’s likely the Galaxy S22 series won’t get this feature, even though a different leakster mentioned that Samsung will announce new Exynos chipsets later this year with 8K 60FPS video recording support.

However, just because a new chipset supports a feature doesn’t mean companies will be happy to bring it to their handsets. If it isn’t refined, we might have to wait until 2023 for this addition. Personally, we feel recording 8K footage at 60FPS is going beyond overkill territory and they should instead pool in resources to improve image quality of 8K 24FPS footage. It’s possible that Samsung might be testing out higher framerates because its biggest smartphone rival, Apple, is rumored to bring stabilized 8K 45FPS video support on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

With the odds stacked against Samsung and its Galaxy S22 series, it will have to move with haste to ensure there are no overheating problems, or it will have to skip the feature entirely.

News Source: Mauri QHD

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