Sketchy iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Details Talk About Anamorphic Lens That Can Capture Stabilized 8K Video up to 45FPS

Sketchy iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Details Talk About Anamorphic Lens That Can Capture Stabilized 8K Video up to 45FPS

While 8K video recording has arrived for smartphones, it does come with its fair share of limitations. Though Apple has consistently added a 4K 60FPS option on its iPhones, the next massive leap in video recording resolution might be seen from the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera, assuming the new rumor materializes.

Android flagships makers often boast that their devices tout the capability of capturing 8K video at 30FPS, without disclaiming that users can only record at the aforementioned resolution and framerate for 5 minutes due to the chipset and camera overheating. In fact, when Samsung rolled out 4K 60FPS video recording for its Galaxy S9 family, the time limit didn’t exceed 5 minutes either.

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This barrier isn’t found on any iPhone model ever since Apple introduced a 4K 60FPS option for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X back in 2017. Now the company is reportedly planning to bring 8K video recording but according to one tipster, it might debut with the 2021 iPhone 13 Pro Max, and with it, the camera hardware is expected to receive some notable upgrades.

According to @macintoshleak, the iPhone 13 Pro Max could feature an anamorphic lens, allowing the highest-end flagship of Apple’s 2021 lineup to record in either 8K 30FPS or 8K 45FPS. Not just this, the tipster claims that the video recording will be heavily stabilized, though he doesn’t mention that the reduction of the camera shake will be assisted by hardware stabilization (also known as OIS), or software stabilization (also known as EIS).

If 8K video matters to you, then you might hold off on your purchase. If not, then potential iPhone 12 buyers are in for a massive surprise as far as camera features are concerned. According to an iOS 14 beta 2 leak, all iPhone 12 models might support native 4K video recording at 120FPS, along with support for slow-motion 4K video recording at 240FPS. Apart from this, we could see features like LiDAR autofocus, ‘Enhanced Night Mode’, ‘Enhanced Noise Reduction’, ‘Bit Depth Video’ and more roll out for future models, so we should expect the very best from the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Unfortunately, it’s way too early to be talking about the 2021 iPhone series, especially when Apple has yet to officially announce the iPhone 12 lineup, so remember to treat all this information with a pinch of salt and await further updates related to this information.

News Source: @Macintoshleak

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