Galaxy S10 5G Apparently Supports 3D Face Unlock After Latest Android 10 Update Rolls Out


A lot of users may not know this, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G actually features a ToF sensor at the front where the punch-hole cutout is present, which meant that theoretically, the Korean giant could have introduced 3D face unlock to the flagship. Sadly, it was most likely locked down due to a software limitation but it appears that thanks to the latest Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update, users will have a more secure way of unlocking their handset. Looks like in addition to paying a little extra for 5G support also means you’re getting a little a security in return.

ToF Sensor’s True Capabilities Now Being Realized With the Latest Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 Update

Tipster Max Weinbach spotted a Korean user stating that the Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 beta update introduced 3D face unlock for the flagship. Previously, the ToF sensor could only be used to create a bokeh effect using the front-facing camera hardware to taking images and videos. Fortunately, thanks to the latest update, a new feature has apparently been unlocked. ToF sensors are widely present in several Chinese smartphones to allow for facial recognition and it was surprising that Samsung locked down the capabilities of the front-facing sensor despite stamping a large price tag to the 5G-ready flagship.

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When 3D face unlock is active on the Galaxy S10 5G, the ToF unit reportedly lights up, capturing your face data then recognizing it when you attempt to unlock the smartphone. Since ToF cameras rely on infrared rays, it’s expected that the latest Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update should allow users to unlock their flagship in dimly lit environments. For now, the update is just in beta form and we’ll have to wait and see what the actual firmware brings to the table.

In a previous rumor, it was reported that Samsung was testing out an advanced facial recognition feature that it could roll out for the Galaxy S11 lineup. However, a previous report stated that the Korean manufacturer is actually mulling to bring ToF front-facing sensors to the Galaxy Note 11 range to help with facial recognition, so it’s possible that the latest Galaxy S10 5G Android 10 update was just a testing phase to see how the 3D face unlock feature would run.

For the moment, it doesn’t look like Samsung’s in-screen fingerprint readers are doing a fine job in maintaining security, which could be one reason the company is looking to bring a more secure alternative to the table.

News Source: Twitter (Max Weinbach)