Samsung’s $900 Galaxy Fold Lite Launch Reportedly Set for 2021, Not This Year


Earlier this year, there was a rumor stating Samsung was preparing a ‘cheaper’ Galaxy Fold Lite for a release in late 2020. The move would ultimately help the Korean manufacturer provide customers a new form factor of devices being offered at the sub-$1000 range. Unfortunately, the affordable version of the original Galaxy Fold isn’t expected to arrive this year, sadly.

Galaxy Fold Lite Was Apparently Supposed to Be Unveiled During Samsung’s Online Unpacked Event

The report originates from the Korean website Viva100, claiming that the more affordable Galaxy Fold Lite was supposed to be unveiled during Samsung’s online Unpacked event. The event is rumored to kick off on August 5, and with a multitude of products expected to be announced, it would have been the ideal opportunity for customers to be shown an affordable foldable handset.

A Samsung Phone is Once Again America’s Favorite

While we cannot confirm this and this is our own assumption, it’s possible Samsung decided to postpone the Galaxy Fold Lite because the company felt that releasing this model would have hurt the sales of the forthcoming Galaxy Fold 2, which is the direct successor to the original Galaxy Fold. Then again, it’s not like there’s a major market anticipating the arrival of the pricey Galaxy Fold 2, so we believe that a more affordable device would have helped sales by some margin.

One reason for that is the Galaxy Fold Lite is rumored to arrive with a $900 price tag, and with its hardware reportedly including a Snapdragon 865, it’ll be more than enough to handle the most demanding of tasks. Even Huawei’s CEO admitted that as the technology matures, foldable smartphones will become more affordable for the masses. While $900 isn’t a light purchase, it’s a huge step-up compared to the $1,980 price tag stamped on the Galaxy Fold, and that is most likely Samsung’s goal for the near future.

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News Source: Viva100