Samsung’s Top Brass Wants the Galaxy S23 Series to Launch With Exynos 2300, but Not the MX Division

Samsung’s Top Brass Wants the Galaxy S23 Series to Launch With Exynos 2300, but Not the MX Division

The Exynos 2200’s abysmal performance for this year ensured that Qualcomm would dominate the Android flagship chipset market share for 2023. One reason for this dominance is that the Korean giant and San Diego firm have agreed that all Galaxy S23 models will launch with Qualcomm’s cutting-edge SoC, which would be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. However, Samsung’s top management still wants a future unveiling with the Exynos 2300, though it is unclear how this will be possible when there are little to no rumors regarding its development.

Samsung’s MX Division Is Reportedly Against Launching the Galaxy S23 With the Exynos 2300, Likely Due to the Exynos 2200’s Poor Performance

A small update from Ice Universe on Weibo reveals that Samsung’s MX Division (mobile experience division) and top brass cannot see eye-to-eye. Samsung’s management wants to launch the Galaxy S23 series with the Exynos 2300, but given how the company fared with its Exynos 2200, we do not believe that is such a good idea. It should also be noted that where the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has seen a flurry of leaks and rumors, the Exynos 2300 has hardly been mentioned.

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This can mean that while Samsung is committed to reviving the Exynos brand that it claims, we may not see the Exynos 2300 materialize fast enough for it to be found in the Galaxy S23 family. We also reported some time back that Samsung’s chip development division lacks innovation because the company’s executives want faster growth at the expense of being behind the competition. If this keeps up, then no smartphone maker will want to include Samsung’s SoCs or modems in its own devices in the future.

An earlier report mentioned Samsung’s mobile head talking about the development of a unique Exynos chipset, while a different report says the company will set up a ‘joint task force’ to ensure the best version of Exynos comes out in the near future, but that report did not mention if it was the Exynos 2300 or not that was next in line. Our best guess is Samsung will likely resume development and launch its flagship SoC at the end of next year.

By 2023, the Android flagship space will likely be dominated by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

News Source: Weibo

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