Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser Joins Revolving Games Advisory Board

Rockstar Dan Houser

The blockchain; you’ve probably heard it associated with NFTs and “minting” items online. In the gaming sphere, the blockchain’s had its own rocky road, with one such case being STALKER 2 developer GSC Game World initially having NFTs in the game and later removing them. One such blockchain game studio, Revolving Games, just got a new member on its board, Dan Houser.

Dan Houser was the co-founder of Rockstar and creative lead on the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises, two series with very large fanbases. Houser resigned and left Rockstar in 2020 after working on Grand Theft Auto and other franchises for 21 years. Dan Houser’s place in Revolving Games is to be a part of the advisory board.

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Houser’s also the founder of a newer company known as Absurd Ventures (which happened last year), but as of the time of publication, the studio hasn’t announced or released any titles.

As for Revolving Games, the development studio launched back in 2020 had raked in $25 million for Web3 game development and technology. Currently, the over-100-employee studio only has one title within the industry; a Battlestar Galactica-themed strategy MMO in partnership with Gala Games and NBCUniversal.

Saad Zaeem, the Revolving Games’ co-CEO, remarks, “Our vision is clear: to build AAA quality games that turn heads amongst the best launches at the top gaming forums like Gamescom and E3. He  goes on to explain that "As the world moves from a developer-owned ecosystem to a player-owned ecosystem, Revolving Games will be at the forefront of this evolution whilst continuing to release titles that compete with the best in the traditional video games industry.”

As for future ventures past the Battlestar Galactica game, Revolving Games has another title in the works, a co-op adventure RPG named Skyborne Legacy. We’ll continue to update as more information is released.

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