Resident Evil 4 HD Project Enhanced Menus And Flame Grenades Showcased In New Video


Work on the Resident Evil 4 HD Project is proceeding smoothly, and a new video has been released recently, showcasing more enhancements.

The latest Resident Evil 4 HD Project video, which can be watched right below, showcases enhanced menus and flame grenades.

Resident Evil 4 HD Project 1.0 Comparison Videos Highlights Texture Quality Improvements and More

This week I’ll show you a few re-created menus background images, an alternate logos opening sequence and more improved explosion effects.

Do you remember the original Gamecube Capcom logo opening sequence? I’ve missed so much that gloomy sky background image! But not anymore… I found the original texture and I ported back that sequence!

Also, I’ve re-rendered the entire Village 360º panorama you can see in the Main menu when you beat the game.

I think I nailed the camera angle pretty well! It was easier that I thought. The more complicated task was to match the colours, shadows, fog and sky… You can see the complete image in the video and a portion of it in the gallery.

And the Movie Browser menu has been remastered, too!

Finally, take a look also at the new flame grenade explosions in the picture and video. Now the fire cast light as they should!

More information on the project can be found by going here.