PlayStation 4 Tips and Tricks – The Best of your Gaming Console

Just a day more and the technologically beautiful year Twenty Thirteen will end. We couldn't think of a better way to say goodbye to this tech-rich year than share with you the best tips and tricks of the year's popularly powerful PlayStation 4 gaming console. Without any further ado, here go the PS4 tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your gaming 4

PS4 tips and tricks:

Setting up your PlayStation 4: 

Set up: After unboxing your Sony PS4, find the HDMI cable and plug it in the back of PS4 and the HDTV. Next, plug in your AC power adapter and also connect the cable to get your console Internet connectivity. Power up the console by pressing the power button on controller; when the console prompts, plug the controller in the USB port.

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Primary PS4: You can make your PS4 as a primary system which will help it unlock any content that you buy using

a console on a different login including games, PS Plus benefits, etc. To make your gaming console as "primary PS4" go to Settings PSN > Activate as Your Primary PS4.

ps4 tips and tricks

How to charge PS4: The DualShock 4 controller can now be charged using a mobile phone charger considering it now has Micro USB socket. You can also tweak to charge your PS4 in the standby mode. Go to the power saving settings and check the supply power from USB ports option. This will enable you to charge a controller even when PS4 is asleep.

From the same settings, you can set to power down your console automatically. The PS4 and / or the DualShock 4 controller after a period of inactivity will be powered down.

PS4 tips and tricks:

- In the power saving settings menu, you can set your console to stay connected to the internet even when in standby mode. This will help you keep downloading and updating games in the standby mode.

- For those of you owning a PS Vita, you can connect it with PS4 after enabling the Remote Play function on PlayStation 4 from PS Vita connection settings. If you do not wish to approve every connection on the PS4 first, you will have to choose the option to connect the Vita automatically whenever you select to open the PS4 Link app.

- Many of the PS4 users aren't really appreciative of the on-screen keyboard. If you wish to connect a Bluetooth Keyboard with your gaming console go to Settings Devices Bluetooth settings. Switch on the Bluetooth on your Keyboard and among the list items that PS4 will show you of all the enabled Bluetooth devices, you will see your keyboard too.

From the Devices menu, you can tweak some keyboard functions from the Keyboards menu.

- Owning a PlayStation Camera enabled your PS4 to instantly sign you in using facial recognition. Go to settings to enable it.

- PS4 like other tech gadgets let you restrict inappropriate content for children. You can password-protect your gaming console, apps, Blu-rays, DVDs, browsing, etc from password-protected restriction settings.

- When you set up your PS4, it automatically chooses the best TV and sound system settings itself trying to give you the best experience. However, you can manually change the resolution and TV size from the settings. ps4 tips and tricks

- In the Devices settings menu, you can go to controllers and disable vibration - in case you intend to turn the vibration off on your controller. From here, you can also play with the volume slider for the controller's mini speakers.ps4 tips and tricks

- While setting up your PS4, the console lets you set the social media settings too. However, if at any time you decide to change Facebook and Twitter settings, limit content, change the privacy settings (among various other setting options), you can go to PSN settings in the link with other services.
ps4 tips and tricks

- PS4 lets you upload screenshots on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can share these by using the share button; it will save the shot and share the screen.ps4 tips and tricks

- You can record gameplay as video in the new PS4 and it will record the last 15 minutes. You can then also edit and share the video on Facebook, Ustream, etc.

- You can view your own screen captures from your Profile page on the top menu bar. In the menu, go to folder icon under the avatar and you will see a list of games that have stored content. Select any, and you will be shown the gameplay videos and screenshots.

- If you want to improve your gaming console's security, you can set a password on your PS4. Go to Settings > Login Settings > Passcode management.ps4 tips and tricks

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