iOS 7 Inspired Apple HDTV – Interesting Concept

Rafia Shaikh

The tech world is buzzing in the wait for Apple's smart watch - the infamous iWatch - however, some more creative minds are dreaming about their own favorite devices. Andrew Ambrosino, who has previously worked on OS X concept, carries an interesting take on the Apple TV’s interface - the tv os concept

Andrew Ambrosino's Apple TV OS concept:

Ambrosino's concept design is inspired by Jony Ive’s iOS 7. Designer has no doubt presented some interesting concepts with Apple's HDTV software design:

"Here’s a concept I’ve been working on for an Apple TV User Interface. And yes I know, it’s a Samsung TV so it can’t be a “real” Apple TV / iTV concept– but unfortunately I just lack the skill for hardware.

So here it is in all its glory– taking cues from the new iOS while offering a market of third party apps, video chat, Siri, etc. Let me know what you think!"apple hdtv concept

Very much like Ambrosino's OS X 10.11 concept, his Apple TV OS concept too gives a much needed inspiration. Transparent overlays, uncluttered app structure using the icon dock at the base of the TV screen, notifications at the top-right and built-in Siri for hands free TV access - all work beautifully!apple itv conceptapple tv concept ios 7 apple tv os concept ios 7

Tim Cook, company's Chief Executive Officer, has confirmed to expect new product categories in 2014. However, analysts expect to get the iWatch in coming year before a dedicated HDTV product launch in 2015. In the past couple of months, Apple has been in the news with 4K and 8K displays potentially to be used in various iDevices - iPad or an Apple TV product inspiring some to have their take on the Apple TV OS.

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