War Of The World’s – Xbox One Vs PS4

Sohaib Ahmad

With the Next generation consoles nearing their release dates, an important question comes to mind. Whether to side with microsoft and get an Xbox one or bow down to Sony by ordering their PS4. Although it is a widely known fact that graphical power is really not something consoles take pride in but they give your money value till they reach their end of life.

The Xbox one has faced major criticism on many fronts, now even some hardcore Xbox fans are convinced that the next battle in this arena will be won by Sony. Not only the price but the hardware alone is better on the PS4. What more would u want than getting superior hardware while costing less?

Xbox one vs ps4


Major Letdowns For The Xbox One

The Graphic card driving the PS4 is superior, 1152 shaders vs a meagre 768 on the Xbox one. The total Graphical processing power therefore managed by the Xbox one is around 1.3 Teraflops considering the shaders and the clock speed while the PS4 manages a much better 1.8 Teraflop.

The price alone begets Microsoft to be spanked, a $100 dollar premium over the PS4 seems a bit high even when considering the bundled Kinect, also u can use Sony's PS vita as a secondary screen streaming on it to play games. Not everyone is interested in Kinect, fewer still are willing to pay a $100 premium for it.


Hardware guys will not be satisfied one bit, reportedly Battlefield 4 was seen running on a piss-poor 720p resolution on the Xbox while the PS4 managed to run it at a low albeit better 900p resolution. Most recently Cod-Ghosts ran on the Xbox one at 720p while the PS4 had enough power to output at 1080p without any problems.

The PS4 will be getting 22 titles at launch according to recent news, including Sony's own Killzone Shadow fall, Knack, Resogun, Flower and Sound shapes while the Xbox one's library will have 23 items.


The Price coupled with inferior hardware is a major let down for the Xbox one, it will depend on Microsoft on how well it utilizes its Kinect, only time will tell which console sells well and takes the crown. One thing is certain, consoles will never exceed Pc's in graphical prowess. Pc's have and will have better control and graphics over the gaming world.

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