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Phil Spencer Recently Played A Full Crackdown 3 Build, Comments On Current State


Crackdown 3, the third entry in the series coming to Xbox One and PC in the near future, has had very troubled development, with the game getting delayed multiple times. A final release date has been confirmed a while back, but not much of the game has been shown lately.

Xbox's Phil Spencer recently talked about Crackdown 3 on his Official Twitter Profile. He recently had the chance to play a full build of the game, adding that good progress has been made, but there's still more work to do.

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Crackdown 3 is now being developed only by Sumo Digital, which was supposed to work only on the single-player campaign. The other teams, Reagent Games (multiplayer design), Cloudgine (cloud tech), Ruffian Games (MP support), are no longer working on the game. Multiplayer is still happening, but likely not powered by the cloud.

[Multiplayer] is still part of [Crackdown 3]. You know, we’re super lucky as part of Microsoft that we get to work so closely with the Xbox platform team, that the cloud shows up in all of our games in pretty exciting ways. […] We’ve got access to a great infrastructure, and the game’s got some great tech in it, and we’re going to put those two together in the way that makes the most sense.

Crackdown 3 launches on PC and Xbox One on February 22nd.