Crackdown 3 Extra Edition Released Now, Free to All Owners of the Game

Jun 2, 2019

Crackdown 3 Extra Edition is a free update for the open world game released earlier this year for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. The developers have delivered new features to both the single player/cooperative Campaign and multiplayer Wrecking Zone modes.

Today, we’re happy to deliver two updates to Crackdown 3. First, we’re giving you the KEYS TO THE CITY! This Campaign update exposes a deep menu of tools and cheats, including:

  • AGENT ABILITIES. Raise your Skills and give yourself infinite health, ammo and gadgets.
  • SPAWN OBJECTS. Fill the streets with enemies, vehicles, exploding props—and more!
  • ELEMENTAL FISTS. Add Fire, Ice, Electric and Toxic effects to your melee attacks.
  • SUPER SPEED & JETPACK. Run faster and fly higher than Daddy Duck himself!
  • NEW ACHIEVEMENTS worth 250 Gamerscore.

But that’s not all! We’ve also updated Wrecking Zone, adding a brand new PROGRESSION SYSTEM that features:

  • 100 TIERS OF VANITY ITEMS. Earn Agency Points in Wrecking Zone matches to unlock each Tier.
  • YOUR AGENT, YOUR STYLE. Vanity items include holographic “LENS” adornments, helmets, weapon skins—and more!
  • NEW OVERDRIVE SKILLS. Now select from 6 types of Overdrive Skills to really step up your BOOM!

Crackdown 3 had a long development phase, mainly because of the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the Azure-powered, cloud-based destruction in the multiplayer Wrecking Zone mode. Still, Dave really enjoyed it as you can read in his review.

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Crackdown 3 is a weird one to review, because it feels distinctly out of date. The delays and changes in direction have resulted in a modern game with design sensibilities that feel over a decade old, but they hold up incredibly well. While not a long campaign, the time I spent with Crackdown 3 was a lot of fun and it's an easy recommendation to fans of the original. Just make sure to play as Terry Crews to improve the experience.