EA/Origin Access Possibly Coming To More Platforms In The Future

Alessio Palumbo
Origin Access

During last night's post-earnings conference call, Electronic Arts suggested to investors that Origin Access/EA Access, the subscription service currently active on PC and Xbox One, may soon be launched on additional platforms.

CEO Andrew Wilson said:

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As these communities and many others in our top franchises continue to thrive, our subscription services like EA Access and Origin Access are bringing more players from across our network to join in. Our subscription player base continues to grow. And you should expect us to continue driving this model to more platforms going forward.

CFO Blake Jorgensen added:

Subscription obviously is very important to us. We've been doing a lot of work on Origin Access and EA Access. And as Andrew mentioned, you'll most likely see those on other platforms. And you'll most likely see additional content coming into those subscriptions and some exciting things to come there. But we believe that's a very important way for more consumers to enjoy more games over time at a very reasonable price.

This is an interesting statement from Electronic Arts, particularly because Origin Access/EA Access has been rejected so far by Sony for its PlayStation 4 console. As such, unless Sony changes stance on this topic, one has to wonder which platforms they could be talking about and there aren't that many left.

Nintendo Switch is definitely a possibility, though there aren't many EA games available on the platforms yet and it's hard to gauge whether a subscription service would make sense at this point.

Of course, it's also possible EA could be interested in porting this model to mobile platforms like Android/iOS, where they have a plethora of titles to leverage. Where would you like to see Origin Access/EA Access next? Let us know below.

Credits for the earnings call transcript go to Seeking Alpha.

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