Ori Dev: PS5’s Super-Fast SSD is Nice For First Party Titles But Multiplats Will Be Developed for the Lowest Common Denominator

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Thomas Mahler, founder and creative director at Ori developer Moon Studios, has talked about how third-party developers will likely be developing their multiplatform titles for the next-gen consoles.

As most of you will know by now, Sony’s upcoming PS5 will sport an ultra-fast custom SSD, allowing for game data processing speeds that are said to be approximately 100 times faster than those on the PS4.

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On paper, the SSD inside the PS5 has the edge over the next-gen SSD inside the Xbox Series X, but according to Mahler, it doesn’t make sense for third-party developers to adjust their titles around Sony’s SSD. Instead, the Ori creator believes that the majority of third-party devs will just develop for the lowest common denominator – e.g. the Xbox Series X and PC.

“I would be shocked if most third party developers would not just develop their games for the lowest common denominator”, Mahler wrote on the ResetEra forums. “I mean, there's literally 0 chance that levels will get changed just because the PS5 can load them faster, simply because it's way too expensive and work intensive to do that.”

“The super-fast PS5 SSD is nice for first party, but it won't make any economical sense to heavily adjust your games to suit one particular platform. On PCs and the Xbox, you'll have to work with what's there. So it's 2 platforms against 1. The scenario pointed out in the OP is highly unlikely.”

This isn’t the first time that a developer talks about the differences between both platforms with regards to multiplatform titles. Back in April of this year, Quantum League developer Balthazar Auger said that the raw power advantage that Microsoft’s next-gen console appears to have, will likely only benefit Xbox exclusives.

“I think it will mostly matter to Xbox-exclusive titles, which will be able to be programmed to get every drop of extra juice from the machine,” the developer said. “It may also buy the new console a longer generation cycle. However, all developers building multi-platform titles are bound by the lowest-spec target hardware, so the only advantage I can imagine there would be stabler framerates on higher-end resolutions for the Xbox Series X.”

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