Another OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes, but This Time, Causes Severe Injury to Boy

Another OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes, but This Time, Causes Severe Injury to Boy

The OnePlus Nord 2 can be viewed as a controversial launch because of all the previous events that have transpired involving exploding batteries and one charger. However, none of them involved a severe injury until now. As you will find out, one boy received a massive scar on his leg after the smartphone went up in flames while being kept in a pocket.

OnePlus Support Has Reached out but No Talks of a Compensation for the Victim, at Least One That Can Be Viewed Publicly

The images shared on Twitter show a OnePlus Nord 2 that is beyond salvageable because of the exploding battery, along with a pair of jeans whose pocket has now been permanently damaged, with a hole present. We recommend browsing through the images below with some caution because one of them shows a boy’s leg that has been severely scarred as a result of the explosion, and we assume that this incident will put OnePlus in an even more negative light.

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OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes Again, but Victim Thankfully Comes out Unscathed

We say this because, for one thing, none of the previous OnePlus Nord 2 explosions involved an injury, as the owners were reported to come out unscathed. The boy that suffered this grievous injury was not so fortunate. On the Twitter thread, OnePlus Support has reached out to the person to come converse with them privately, with another participant claiming that the victim will have to be compensated with a massive amount.

We have yet to know what action OnePlus will take for this Nord 2 incident, but the last time something like this happened, the Chinese smartphone maker did not exactly win the favor of the crowd, or Twitter for that matter. According to a previous report, the company issued a ‘cease and desist’ letter to an owner of an exploded OnePlus Nord 2, claiming that the individual was attempting to malign the manufacturer’s image and goodwill.

We doubt OnePlus will be able to untangle itself out of this web, and if these Nord 2 explosions persist, sales of this particular model should be barred in order to prevent further incidents like this. In your opinion, what course of action should OnePlus take, and how should it compensate the victim now that he has suffered a horrible injury? Tell your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Suhit Sharma

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