OnePlus 6 Aims for an Early Release to Challenge the Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi7 and LG G7

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OnePlus 6 early release 2018

Several flagships such as the Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi7, and LG G7 are slated for an early release in 2018, and since there is no OnePlus 5T in sight, the latest rumor pits the upcoming OnePlus 6 for an early release as well.

OnePlus CEO Hasn’t Announced Any Details but Bezel-Less Design Very Unlikely for the OnePlus 6

Though there were rumors that a Snapdragon 836 might be launched in the near future, it does not appear that the unveiling is going to take. Even if such a thing was possible, it would be of no use to the company.

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The OnePlus 5 already touts overkill specifications for a flagship in its price range; 8GB of RAM paired with 128GB of storage isn’t a joke especially in a smartphone and releasing the OnePlus 5T that could potentially deliver slightly better performance in benchmarking tests and a bigger battery would be considered redundant.

With rumors suggesting that Qualcomm is already optimizing the Snapdragon 845 for the upcoming Mi7, which suggests an early release date for this flagship. At the same time, OnePlus and Qualcomm could be working behind closed curtains to optimize the SoC for the price/performance device.

Knowing the mammoth-level hype that OnePlus smartphones create prior to launch, it would give Qualcomm a huge lead in the mobile chipset market, leading to a potentially higher stock price as a result of the hype.

As for the design of the phone, we don’t believe the manufacturer will move away from a generic phone language because that might mean the handset will command a higher price tag, hence moving away from the selling point that popularized the company in the first place.

What we could be looking at is better optics, coupled with a full metal jacket, but no wireless charging support. OnePlus is not listed on the Wireless Charging Consortium, so it pretty much means that the OnePlus 6 will be without wireless charging.

The OnePlus 6 could be unveiled during MWC 2018 but remember to take this rumor with a pinch of salt for now.

News Source: Android Marvel

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