OmniVision’s Latest 48MP Camera Not Only Supports 8K Video, but Can Equal Samsung’s 108MP Sensor in Some Areas

Omar Sohail
OmniVision’s Latest 48MP Camera Not Only Supports 8K Video, but Can Equal Samsung’s 108MP Sensor in Some Areas

Manufacturers continue improving smartphone cameras to market them as one of the most coveted features on those devices. In recent times, vendors have drastically improved the imaging prowess of their handsets with each subsequent generation. While some manufacturers focus more on the software side of things, others prioritize hardware. Either way, the sensors remain an important part of the equation and thus, OmniVision Technologies has now announced a new 48MP one, which can, in some cases equal Samsung’s 108MP sensor.

OmniVision’s Latest Sensor Can Capture 2.4µm Binned Images; More Than a 64MP Sensor and Equal to a 108MP Camera

Now, you might be wondering what the hype is about when there already are 64MP and 108MP smartphone cameras in the market. Well, the devil is in the details. The OV48C, which is what OmniVision is calling its newest sensor, has a large 1.2µm pixel size which will theoretically allow it to offer great low light performance as it will be able to capture more information.

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OmniVision’s new module also features the in-house PureCel Plus technology that cuts down noise further and enables a higher dynamic range. The 1/1.3 sensor also has an embedded 4-cell color filter array and hardware remosaic, allowing it to churn out high-quality 48MP images and 8K videos. In dimly lit environments, the pixel binning technology will be used to churn out 12MP images and performance equivalent of a 2.4µm sensor. The unit can also record 1080p slow-motion videos at 240FPS, and 720p clips at 360FPS.

For fast autofocus support, the OV48C uses 4C Half Shield phase detection. The sensor also features on-chip dual conversion gain HDR which will enable it to eliminate motion artifacts, and thereby reduce noise. The OV48C also features a staggered HDR option with an on-chip combination, so that the best HDR method for a specific scene can be chosen.

OmniVision’s OV48C is currently being demonstrated at the ongoing CES 2020 trade show and samples are also available now. It’s not known when we will get to see it in action and how it will stack up against Sony’s and Samsung’s sensors though, so you’ll have to stay tuned in for more updates.

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