NVIDIA GeForce GPUs Strike Hard At AMD’s Radeon In The Discrete DIY Market – Green Team Share Climbs 5% As AMD Share Falls Below 30% In Q3 2019


The discrete graphics market share report for Q3 2019 is out and shows that NVIDIA GeForce GPUs managed to sell a lot more than AMD's Radeon lineup in the discrete DIY market. The latest report was published by Jon Peddie Research which reports that NVIDIA has significantly increased its gpu market share, striking hard on AMD's Radeon and Navi based releases.

NVIDIA GeForce GPUs Strike Back at AMD Radeon, Claim 5% Discrete Market Share in Q3 2019

Despite AMD shipping more graphics units in the outgoing quarter, NVIDIA managed to ship more discrete graphics units which include AIB products and pre-installed OEM graphics cards. This and the DIY market were completely in favor of the NVIDIA's GeForce discrete graphics cards with their share climbing to 72.92% in Q3 2019 compared to 67.92% in Q2 2019. AMD's Radeon RX graphics share fell from 32.08% in Q2 2019 to 27.08% in Q3 2019.

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As of right now, 3 of 4 graphics cards installed in PCs worldwide are NVIDIA based which is very impressive for the green team. The AIB market in general increased by 42% in Q3 2019 from the previous quarter and NVIDIA's GeForce lineup is stated to be the main driver behind this, raising the entire AIB market. A total of $2.8 Billion worth of AIB cards was shipped by AMD and NVIDIA with green team making the significant chunk of the said figure. A total of 10.5 million AIBs were shipped in Q3 2019 and the AIB market is expected to hit $15 billion in revenue by 2023. A total of 1299 million AIBs are stated to have been shipped since 1981.

The add-in board market increased in Q3'19 by 42% from last quarter, with over $2.8 billion dollars of AIBs shipped. Nvidia increased its market share to 73% in Q3. The last fiscal quarter was transitional for Nvidia as older products made their way through the channel allowing the company to ramp up production and ship more new products at the end of the quarter. Nvidia not only boosted their market share but they raised the overall AIB market. Their channel inventory is now reported as healthy says the company. Nvidia’s RTX line is doing well and represents 66% of its gaming revenue.

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It is also reported that Q3 2019 is the strongest quarter for AIB shipments. This time it was above the ten-year average of 14.9%. During the third quarter, both AMD & NVIDIA released their latest products. NVIDIA kicked things off with their RTX SUPER series including the RTX 2080 SUPER, RTX 2070 SUPER, and the RTX 2060 SUPER while AMD launched their first 7nm graphics card line based on the Navi RDNA architecture which includes the Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700. AMD still relied on the Radeon RX 500 series cards until very recently when they announced the Radeon RX 5500 series mainstream lineup which would aim the $200 US market range.

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Neither the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER or the GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER which were recently launched made their way into the Q3 2019 sales figures as they launched in Q4 2019. AMD has yet to officially launch the RX 5500 series cards in retail channel with rumors indicating a launch in mid of December. Q4 2019 may end up bring slightly more market share to NVIDIA as they had the early sales advantage from their mainstream GeForce GTX 16 SUPER series cards.

Over at Steam's Hardware Survey, the NVIDIA GPUs contribute to a 75.6% share while AMD GPUs contribute to a 15% share. The Steam platform has peaked at a total of 18.5 Million concurrent users in 2019 with total registered users close to 100 million. When breaking down the most popular GPUs on Steam, the GeForce GTX 1060 and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti still reign supreme as many gamers can buy them from cheap prices in the used market. That's why their share has seen a consistent rise.

The first RTX card to make its way to the list is the RTX 2060 with a share of 1.60% as of October 2019, making it the 10th most popular GPU that Steam users are running in their PCs. The AMD Radeon RX 580 takes up the 11th spot with the same share as the RTX 2060 and is expected to outpace it by the end of November. The RTX 2070 also comes next to the RX 580 with a share of 1.47% while the GTX 1660 Ti takes up 12th place with a share of 1.40% but rising by a greater margin than the RTX 2070, RTX 2060 and RX 580 combined.

Both the RTX 2080 Ti (0.56%) and RTX 2080 (0.93%) have a far bigger share than the RX 5700 XT which has a share of 0.16% at the moment. The more surprising figures are for the GTX 1080 Ti which currently sits in 9th place with a share of 1.62% which is due to its incredible price to performance ratio since you can pick up the card for around $500 US and still offers performance close to an RTX 2080 and with the advantage of 11 GB memory.