Leaked Galaxy Note 7 Memo Claims Vulcan API Support And Iris Scanning

Ramish Zafar

With the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 right around the corner, features and upgrades about the device just don't stop surfacing. According to leaks so far, we know quite a bit about the phablet from the Korean manufacturer this year, with the Note 7 expected to upgrade several critical features. These range from the processor, expected to be an all new Snapdragon 823, to its RAM and multimedia capabilities. Today, some more information has surfaced via an alleged internal memo. Read more below to find out.

The Galaxy Note 7's S-Pen To Come With Improved Bluetooth Connectivity And More

With the Galaxy Note 7, the amount of features and specifications which have surfaced so far manage to cover almost every aspect of the device. We know that the Note 7 will be coming with an upgraded processor, increased RAM, subtle design upgrades and improved camera specifications which should help maintain and potentially increase the company's market share.

Another feature that's been rumored for the 2016 phablet from the Korean manufacturer is an Iris scanner for the Note 7, which would mark a big step for Samsung should it be able to successfully integrate it into the device. Now, folks over at iGyan claim to have access to an internal memo, which details quite a few specifications of the phablet expected next month. First, Samsung's expected to overhaul the S-Pen quite a bit, which should now include improved Bluetooth connectivity and new Air View options.

Galaxy Note 7 Has Been Spotted With A Much More Powerful SoC Developed By Samsung

In addition, the memo also details IP68 support for the phablet and manages to detail the alleged Iris sensor for the device quite a bit as well. Not only will the scanner be able to lock the device as a whole, but you'll also be able to use it to lock folders, apps and documents. This should come as good news especially to enterprise users of the device, as it'll most likely add a very neat dimension to the device's overall security.

Furthermore, we're also hearing that the Galaxy Note 7 will be coming with Vulcan on board, which should add a nice gaming dimension to the tablet. After all, with the screen, processor and RAM, a lot of users will be turning towards gaming on the Note 7 and Vulcan's addition should give the device a much needed performance and graphical boost. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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